My name is Thabit Pulak. I am currently a senior high school student in Texas. I enjoy working to make improvements in society, especially in the fields of economically, or medically benefiting underprivileged people in poor countries. Currently, I am undertaking a project for Bangladesh that is concerned with the underprivileged people there who are affected by arsenic water poisoning. My project aims to provide a cheap, home-based arsenic water filter, in an effort to increase filter adoptions rates, as existing filters too expensive for the average villager to afford.

Excessive intake of arsenic causes arsenic poisoning, which is the root cause of various types of cancer. After months of research, and testing, I have come up with the arsenic biosand water filter, which employs nanotechnology. The filter is capable of filtering nearly all arsenic from water, and requires low maintenance. The whole technology used in the filter is open sourced. And the best thing about this filter that this whole unit can be built right in the kitchen of your house. 
My corporate site is www.ikormi.org . It consists of 3 branches, one dealing with internet work, then with humanitarian arsenic clean-up aid in Bangladesh, and a final third one dealing with education. iKormi currently has about 20 employees, both in Bangladesh, and the United States. It is headquartered in Dallas, TX. It is currently a non-profit, operating solely for the benefit of underprivileged people. Any money cut out of the salary of iKormi employess is used to pay back company operating costs. Since iKormi is self-sustaining, the opportunities for growth are endless.

Read more about my projects : Projects

2012/2013 Intel ISEF