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1997 Toyota Camry

Despite it's age, this vehicle is quite a remarkable one. My family still owns one, and I know too many people who own the same generation of Camry. The 1997 Camry was the best selling car of its time. It employed the same chassis as the Lexus ES, allowing for the same silky smooth ride the Lexus is known for. Today, nearly 15 years later, this car is still running as well as it did when we first got it.        The interior is comfortable and large, and the whole dashboard and door inserts are made of a soft-touch high quality vinyl material. This material was unfortunately swapped out with harder plastic bits in the newer Camry models that we see today. The overall interior design, although appears to be dated, looks relaxingly monotone. The body-style is arguably the best of the recent Camrys. After the 2002 redesign, the Camry was thrashed for it's chubby look and feel. Afterwards, in 2007, the Camry reverted back to it's old 1997-2001 era look that most legacy Toyota fans all loved (including me). Take a look at the 1997-2001 era Camry slideshow, and relish at the car's beauty. And also take a look outside your window, because chances are that there is already one parked right there ;)

1997-2001 Toyota Camry