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Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

posted Dec 23, 2012, 7:44 PM by Thabit Pulak
Things are going well for iKormi. I've been able to meet with the group of volunteers through weekly phone calls to Bangladesh many times over the couple of weeks. iKormi is working on it's first newsletter. I will post the newsletter in this website when they are done. In the mean time, it feels great to be recognized by my district with the "Prudential Spirit of Community" awards. for the work I have done concerning arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh with iKormi.

This is actually a nationwide competition which begins with local nominations. I will know by mid-february whether or not I will be a State Honoree or Finalist that will enable me to move to national awards. I feel humbled to receive this award, but regardless of the outcome, I will always work diligently for the welfare of these underprivileged people in Bangladesh. Below, I pasted what my school newsletter, the Eaglelink, wrote about me concerning the awards:

"Junior Thabit Pulak has been named the RHS local winner of the "Prudential Spirit of Community Award".  He will now advance as a nominee for state level recognition.  

This award acknowledges Thabit's extraordinary attempt to help remove arsenic from the contaminated drinking water in Bangladesh. He has created an affordable kitchen synthesized nano magnetic filter which effectively removes arsenic from water. His invention received 3rd prize in the 2012 Intel International Science Fair, 1st prize from ISWEEP (another international fair), as well as exclusive recognition from the EPA. 

 was able to pilot his filter in one of Bangladesh's affected villages during his2012 summer visit to Bangladesh. To promote the scaling up of these arsenicremediation endeavors and other related activities to help underprivileged people, he(along with family members and friends), has formed a non-profit organization called"iKormi". iKormi's facebook blog http://www.facebook.com/iKormi shows the current activities. 

Thabit! "