About me

My name is Thabit Pulak. I am currently a sophomore high school student in the Dallas, Texas area. I am from the country of Bangladesh, and proud to be Bangladeshi! My hobbies are cars, electronics, and politics. I enjoy working to make improvements in society, especially in the fields of economically, or medically benefiting underprivileged people in poor countries. Currently, I am undertaking a project in Bangladesh that is concerned with the underprivileged people of Bangladesh who are diseased with a disease called thalassemia. My project is aimed at finding a way for families to maintain medical costs, and also, in the long run, researching to find a permanent, reliable cure for thalassemia. 
This website is my main website about me, my interests, my life, and so on, but however I am using this website as an update log for this project in Bangladesh.

 Below, you can view the powerpoint presentation which outlines what my project goals are. If you are interested in my project, or have any questions at all, be sure to contact me in the contact link on the sidebar. You can also hit me up with an email at thabit.pulak@gmail.com .

Further explanation of my project goals can be viewed here : Projects