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    Product performance and features:
    MYT-100/380K, MYT-130/350K, MYT-150/320K, MYT-170/320K series hydraulic Anchor, Anchor-rope drilling rig is developed by our company combined with advanced technology at home and abroad. The latest products and obtained national patents. Tested by the "National Safety Production Beijing Rock Drilling Machine Inspection and Inspection Center" , it meets the requirements of the MT/T974-2006 coal industry standard. All of them have obtained the safety certificate for mining products, and the advanced hydraulic system design. Compared with other drilling rigs, the shrinking speed is only 1/5 of that of similar drilling rigs, which greatly saves working time, improves work efficiency and has low oil temperature. The rig has a long service life. The product has novel structure, small volume, reliable sealing, no leakage, high torque, low noise, flexible operation, fast drilling speed and reliable performance. The drilling in hard rock formation is more obvious than the effect of other drilling rigs. It is an ideal supporting tool for coal mine roadway, Anchor support in engineering tunnel, Anchor-rope drilling and mixing installation, and can be used with roadheader. The company is willing to win the trust of users with high quality products and good after-sales service.


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