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  • ZQSZ-140/4.1S type frame-support pneumatic hand-held drilling rig

    Product performance and characteristics:
    Coal Lane Anchor Support has outstanding advantages in improving support effect, reducing support cost, speeding up laneway, reducing auxiliary transportation volume, reducing labor intensity, and improving utilization of roadway section. It has been widely adopted by major coal-producing countries around the world and is competing for adoption, representing the important development direction of the national coal road support technology. 
    ZQSZ-140/4.1S frame-support pneumatic hand-held drilling rig is portable. It has safety explosion-proof, high torque, high speed, reversible, light weight, small size, high efficiency, simple structure and convenient maintenance. Therefore, the drilling rig has high working efficiency, good supporting quality, low labor intensity for workers, and low footage, so it is one of the necessary drilling tools for coal mine roadway drainage and drilling. 
    The machine is mainly used to detect geological structure coal seams, water exploration, gas exploration, coal seam water injection, discharge pressure hole, tunnel hole for Anchor hole and Anchor mixing and nut installation. It can also be used for the mixing of the rocky resin Anchor and the installation of nuts. This series of drilling rigs can be equipped with a variety of drilling tools according to the specific conditions. The company is willing to win the trust of users with high quality products and good after-sales service.


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