My Project

I have been working on a project to benefit the underprivileged people in Bangladesh, afflicted with a disease called Thalassemia. Thalassemia is a disease that affects thousands of people in Bangladesh, as well as other countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, etc. It is actually a mutation that occurs in the genes, when the body tries to build resistance to malaria. This is why Thalassemia often occurs in malaria prone regions, such as those I mentioned above. This is a very difficult problem which cannot be solved in one step.Please refer to the following powerpoint file to get more details.

Bangladesh Thalassemia Support Project

The temporary solution, which most patients go through, is regular monthly blood transfusions. However it costs 5-10K Taka/month, which is expensive for a lot of families in Bangladesh. To support their costs, I have been working on a project in which families can work on an outsource micro-it jobs in order to support their monthly blood transfusion costs. 

We also need to work towards building a hospital that can perform cost-effective bone marrow transformations in Bangladesh. 

And thirdly, we need to research on finding a breakthrough cure for this genetic disease possibly by nanotechnology, which seems very promising. 

Please see the links below for more details of the three aspects of this project.