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Freshman year at Richardson High School, I joined the Debate team, in which I ranked as a finalist at the NFL State and UIL State in CX debate. junior year, I attended State UIL CX, and ranked in the top half of the best teams in Texas. I also did UIL Academics, and ranked 4th in the State for Spelling.

My biggest awards of my high school career can be attributed in the science field, where I passionately pursued my goal of arsenic remediation. My work towards building an affordable arsenic filter, and test solution as achieved many international accolades and awards.
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NFL Varsity Debate Team Membership 9th Grade  
NFL Debate State Finalist 9th Grade 3rd Place 
UIL State Finalist 9th Grade 3rd Place 
Freshman Year 9th Grade 4.0 GPA, Top 10 student 
TTUSUMAC Camp  9th Grade Only 20 students admitted, Overall Research Winner 
EPA Patrick J Hurd Sustainability Award 10th Grade Patrick J Hurd Award, All paid expense trip for candidate and chaperon to participate in P3 science fair, Intel ISEF, Pittsburg, PA, 2012 
I-SWEEEP special award 10th Grade 1st Place, Helix Sustainability Award, iPad awarded, Houston, TX 2012 
Exxon Mobil State Science fair 10th Grade 1st prize, all paid expense trip to Pittsburg, PA to compete in ISEF, San-Antonio, TX 2012 
Dallas Regional Science Fair 10th Grade 1st prize, with $350 cash award, Dallas, TX, 2012 
GENIUS Olympiad 10th Grade Exceptional Genius Award, with invitation to compete in the Worldwide Genius Olympiad in New York, Dallas, TX-2012 
Ricoh Americans Corporation 10th Grade The 2012 Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, Dallas, TX, 2012 
Texas Tech University Department of Plant and Soil 10th Grade 1st prize, Environmental Science, senior division, with$1000 scholarship award, Dallas, TX, 2012 
U.S. Army 10th Grade Outstanding Project in Environmental Sciences, Dallas, TX, 2012 
Intel International Engineering and Science Fair 10th Grade 3rd Price with Cash $1000, 2012, Pittsburg, PA, 2012 
U.S Dept. of the Navy/Marine Corps 10th Grade 1st Naval Science Award, with $50 cash award, Dallas, TX, 2012 
U.S. EPA - Region 6 10th Grade Exemplary Achievement in Environmental Protection, Dallas, TX, 2012 
WEAT / TAWWA 2012 10th Grade 2nd prize, Dallas, TX, 2012 
Richardson Community, TX 10th Grade Recognition of Excellence 
Richardson RISD Board of Trustees 10th Grade Recognition of Excellence  
Texas Governor’s Champions Academy  10th Grade 1 week attendance of special research program with full scholarship (6-24-12 to 6-29-12) 
I-SWEEEP (International Sustainable World Olympiad) 10th Grade Gold medalist with $600 cash, Houston, TX 2012 
Intel Science Talent Search Finalist 12th Grade One of the 40 seniors picked nationwide for this award. Met with President Obama at the White House!  
Davidson Fellows Scholarship 11th Grade I was selected to win a $25,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship! This is ranked as the most prestigious high school level scholarship in America, alongside the Coca Cola Scholarship 
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