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Middle School

My middle school achievements were mainly dominated by my Spelling Bee, PSIA, and my MathCounts competitions. In PSIA, I eventually acquired success by being the State Champion in Spelling. MathCounts, I was very close, but I became a State Qualifier at the end. And alas, the spelling bee was something I have been doing since the 4th grade. Although I eventually did not be the national champion, I will still treasure the experiences I had, and I will always acknowledge the wealth of information I amassed during these 4 years, from 4th grade to 8th grade, doing the spelling bee. After the 8th grade, I was no longer eligible for the spelling bee, due to the age limit. However, I am planning to still take a part in spelling by helping others participate, and coaching/tutoring those who are interested.
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PSIA District Math  6th Grade 2007 2nd   
PSIA District Spelling  6th Grade 2007 1st  
PSIA District Calculator Applications  6th Grade 2007 3rd  
State Spelling Bee  6th Grade 2007 3rd Televised from WFAA, Dallas, Texas 
Dallas County Spelling Bee  6th Grade 2007 1st Brighter Horizons Academy  
PSIA State Spelling 6th Grade 2007 2nd  
PSIA District Geography 6th Grade 2007 2nd  
PSIA State Math  7th Grade 2008 4th  
PSIA District Math  7th Grade 2008 1st   
PSIA District Science  7th Grade 2008 3rd  
PSIA District Geography  7th Grade 2008 1st  
PSIA District Spelling  7th Grade 2008 1st  
AMC8 Highest Score School 7th Grade 2008 1st  
Spelling Bee District  7th Grade 2008 2nd  
MathCounts District Winner 8th Grade 2009 1st  
MathCounts State Qualifier 8th Grade 2009 N/A  
Science Fair  8th Grade 2009 3rd   
AMC8 School Highest Scorer 8th Grade 2009 1st  
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